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                   Dr. Keith Brennan, D.C.

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Health Talks
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Health Education provided by: 
Dr. Keith Brennan


There is no reason to be confused and misled by the contradictory information that makes media headlines.

As your partner in health, we offer many resources for information on the following topics:

Arthritis - Alternative approaches to preventing & relieving joint disease

Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity - A drug-free approach to Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity

Autism – How it impacts the nervous system

Balancing Hormones Naturally - A Holistic approach to women’s hormone related health concerns

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome - Presenting a multi-faceted approach for repetitive strain injuries

Children & Chiropractic - A natural solution to common childhood health

Health & Stress Workshop - How stress is affecting your life & natural solutions to prevention

Healthy Lifestyle for Weight Loss – Eat and exercise your way to a healthier you

How to Stay Fit While You Sit – Putting your muscles to work while you’re working

How to Truly Heal Inflammation – Put aside the anti-inflammatory drugs and be better for it

Musculoskeletal Disorder - How to prevent Musculoskeletal Disorder in the Workplace

Natural Solutions for Headache Pain - A self-help program

Nutrition - 30 Days to Health

Paleo Diet: What is it? – Natural healthy way of eating

Sleep Better and Increase Energy – Who wouldn’t sign up for this?

Trigger Point Therapy - A home stress reduction system

Understanding Fibromyalgia - A holistic approach to Chronic Pain & Fatigue

Vaccine Safety – Do you have all of the facts?

What is in Your Vitamins? – You’ll be amazed at all the extra added ingredients!

7 Simple Steps to Heart Health - Reverse the Family trend


Dr. Keith spends a vast amount of time attending seminars & researching topics to provide you with reliable information about the health of you & your family.
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