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                   Dr. Keith Brennan, D.C.

                   Phone: (586) 254-3303

                    Fax: (586) 254-1121

                     45280 Cass Avenue 

                    Utica, MI 48317




Monday 9am-12pm & 3pm-7pm

Tuesday 3pm-7pm

Wednesday 9am-12pm & 3pm-7pm

Thursday 9am-12pm & 3pm-7pm

Saturday 10am-12pm




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"I had back and neck pain. It started in high school after a car accident. I waited 3 years before seeking treatment. At Back To Health Wellness Center, I have had amazing results. I am no longer in pain and have had less headaches. I overall feel so much healthier."
- Kari F.
"I had seasonal allergies pretty much all my life and migraine headaches as a teenager. I was prescribed allergy medicine and medicine to alleviate migraines. Medication worked temporarily but was not a 100 percent fix. Also, very costly. I've had awesome results at Back To Health Wellness Center. No more allergies. I couldn't believe how fast I saw results. No more headaches or migraines. I feel great!"
- Rachel M.
"I had chronic back pain. It started in October of 2011 and I had been dealing with it for a year going back and forth to hospitals and seeing doctors. The pain had reappeared from having back surgery in November 2010. The pain was very severe upon coming to Back To Health Wellness Center. Prior to coming to Back To Health Wellness Center, I was treated by doctors and 1 chiropractor. The results were negative and a bunch of pills. Since coming in on October 31, 2012, I have experienced great results. I'm able to bend without having serious pain. The tingling in my toes are slowly disappearing where I'm sleeping better at night. It feels good to have these results without taking any medication. Thanks everyone! I have heard and been to chiropractors, but glad I took the opportunity to do the chiropractic care. The results I'm feeling are tremendous. I haven't been to the hospital since coming here. Once again, thanks for putting my back back in place."
- Sonya J.
"I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in June 2012. It was probably caused by trauma to my left hip (falling on it approximately 5,000 times in doing a play for 12 years - it's a long story). My condition was severe enough for a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) to want to give me a hip replacement. The other chiropractor uses a Pulse Magnetic Therapy (P.E.M.F.) machine on me, while I get adjusted at Back To Health Wellness Center. Both are working extremely well together. I am now 98% pain free and my flexibility is very much improved!! I'm very happy!"
- Kimberly C.
"[I had] R.S.D, nerve damage on my left side from my lower back to my toes and mild scoliosis. I did physical therapy and saw an orthopedist but the pain remained the same. The results I have had at Back To Health Wellness Center is that the pain is almost (98%) eliminated and no more pain pills!"
- Steve B.